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I want to quote Lauryn Hill

from Context by Garret Potter

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Recorded by Mike McGee. Produced by Mike McGee and Garret Potter
Thank you.


I want to quote Lauryn Hill

I want to quote Lauryn Hill
I want to quote Lauryn Hill
and I wanna play George Clooney's part (in the movie).
I want to die like Martin Luther King.
I want to fear no man.
I want to come back like Lazarus.
I am looking for meaning.

I'm looking to make it through this life without having to cope.
I'm looking for blamelessness.
I want to go to sleep at least once in my life with clean hands.
Not these two (bloody ones).

I want to quote Lauryn Hill.
I want to quote Lauryn Hill.
And I wanna be the hero Clooney plays,
in Michael Clayton, Syriana, or Batman,
(I would like to be) a secret change agent,
like Christian Bale, Liam Nieson, or Morgan Freeman.
I want to laugh like Robin Williams,
Abbot, Costello, Charley Chaplin.
I wanna know "Who's on first..."
I'd like to be the clown who confounds people of power.
I want to be a lyrical projectile from the mouth of Bob Marley;
loving revolution on his lips,
the day after being shot as a message to stop.

I want to quote Lauryn Hill.
I want to quote Lauryn Hill,
then sleep at night.
I want to have sex
that’s a byproduct of the closeness
that’s a byproduct of the devotion
(shared) between me and one other—
to be naked and not ashamed.
Its not good that we're ashamed.
Its not good that we're alone.
curling up in the dark.

I want to keep in balance.
(I want) to live sober; (I want) to eat healthy.
I want to live simply.
I want to grow (my own) blueberries
and harvest chamomile flowers for tea.
I would like to do yoga
or at least some push-ups (now and again).

In the park, I dream of swinging
all the way around the pull-up bar,
like Olympians and gymnasts,
like Kevin Bacon in Footloose,
I want to dance and let loose (like Kevin Bacon),
I want to ride a bicycle.
to and through the (Columbia River) Gorge
and hike Eagle Creek
past every water fall and majestic old growth tree.

I want to sleep next to a camp fire all quiet night.
to camp by the Ocean
and some day make love over sand (with a clean conscious).

I want to know purity.
I want to sleep in love
and wake conscious (prayerfully)
with true loving on my mind
and the peace that keeps it humble.

I want to father children.
Not just create them, but father them.
I want to raise a son
who respects daughters,
and a daughter who's never adultered.
I want to protect something pure.

And I want to be forgiven.
'Cause if you ask some I am wrong;
'cause if you ask her I'm at fault.
(But, when is it ever too late for redemption?)

And I want to have integrity,
so that when I quote Lauryn Hill,
I am talking not only
about things that I respect,
but a person I can be.
I want to quote Lauryn Hill,
and read me.

Copyright © 2012, Garret William Potter.


from Context, released October 7, 2013


all rights reserved



Garret Potter Ann Arbor, Michigan

Garret Potter has come from nine states and Japan to find himself a familiar name in the international Poetry Slam community. He is cursed with consideration which he has learned to turn into gifts: heart-pounding, mind-delving inquiries and observations on vulnerability, community, and sustainability—poems. He likes moments with new people, movies, and food, old friends, books, bikes, and forests ... more

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